Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beach 2011

Me and the kiddos

Easton the Man!!

Three Men and a Little Lady

Girls Rule!!

Dancing Queen in her Castle

My Superman

Mommy & Easton

Little Surfer Girl

My Spider Monkey

Trying to cheer up Rylee Boo

Girls running from the waves

My girls are buckets of fun!!! :)

Country Girls at Heart!!!

Girls in the boat with Daddy!! Thought it was going to capsize! ;)

My little fish taking a boat ride with Mr. Mark!
Presley on a tractor ride with Daddy

I thought they were going to either A: Run me over or B: Scoop me up!! ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easton's 8 Months!!

I can't believe Easton is 8 months old already. Time is just flying by. I say this alot but it is true..."he is quite the charmer." Around 7 months he picked up clapping his hands and loves when we play "paddy cake." No that he is 8 months he has 2 teeth (which popped through June 9/10) and he waves "hi" which is adorable. We were standing in line picking up Presley from camp and a lady started talking and waving to him. Next thing I know he is waving back!! It was adorable...he was completely flirting with her. ;)

He isn't crawling yet but will pull his knees up under himself. He LOVES to roll and will roll all over the place. He is quite content with just hanging out on the floor with his toys. He loves to sit and play with is blocks.

He goes down for bed around 7pm and sleeps until 6:30/7pm. I stopped nursing at 7 1/2 months and he has transitioned well into formula. He really likes eating puffs and yogurt melts.

I just adore this little guy and can't get enough of him. He is such a wonderful blessing!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Priceless Moments From My Children

Presley: Presidents Day: Presley: Mommy why is there no preschool today? Me: Today is Presidents day. Presley: YAY!!! (she was overly excited and I didn't quite understand why until the next day) Next Day: Presley: Mommy what day was yesterday? Me: It was Presidents day. Presley: But I didn't get any presents. ( She said this with her very sad made me want to laugh and then go out right then and there and buy something for her.)

Rylee: Wes has been out of town for 2 weeks in March. And when he comes home he tells us...."I missed you guys!!" He'll say it for most of the day once he returns because the kids are stuck to him like leeches. Well for the past couple weeks when Rylee leaves a room and comes back she says "awe I missed you guys." Each word is as clear as if an adult said it. I think she missed Wes sooo much she was truly hanging on every word he said. It is sweet.

Easton: Not talking yet but he has this genuine charmer smile...almost like I know that it is 4am Mommy and your tired but my smile will make it all better. And it usually does! He seriously will stop eating/nursing to look at me smile and then go back to eating. Almost like he knows I needed a smile at that moment.

March Madness!!

We have made it through March!! 3 Birthdays and 2 parties later we are now happy to step into April and hopefully warmer weather! This month although its been busy has been wonderful because for the most part we have ALL been healthy!! It has been so nice to look at all 3 of my kids and see them all healthy.

Wes was out of town for work for 2 weeks in March so that added to the craziness. Presley and Rylee were dying for him to be home. I was able to manage everything pretty smoothly which surprised me. I thought for sure I might sink while he was gone but I was able to keep my head up and both those weeks were wonderful with the kids. Thank you Jesus. None-the-less I was ready for Wes to be home and sooo thankful that he decided to come home early from one of his trips and surprise me with flowers! That was so wonderful and caught me completely off guard.

Rylee's Birthday was up 1st turning the BIG number 2!! Presley really helped Rylee getting into the Birthday spirit. By the end of the day Presley had Rylee singing "happy birthday to Rylee!!" Her day started out with going to breakfast with daddy a tradition we have started with all the kids. She LOVED it. That evening we had a small family party and then a birthday celebration on Sunday (my birthday) fished themed. Rylee LOVES fish so there were fish decorations, fish cake and crafts! I think it was quite successful and she had a wonderful time.

My birthday was next! Turned 29! One more year until I am 30!! YAY!! I am actually excited about turning 30.

March rounded out with celebrating Presley turning 4!! She had a gymnastics party with all her girls friends and had a BLAST!! I think she was kinda bummed when the party was all over. I could see it on her face. :) Her birthday feel on a Tuesday and since there was no school Wes had her for the entire morning. He of course took her out to breakfast and then they went to visit Aunt Corinne at Banfield/Petsmart. She had a wonderful morning and I think she felt truly special. That evening all the family came over to wish her a BIG happy birthday. Her big gift this year from us was a bike!! She is working very hard to get the hang of riding one. I am very proud of her. you can plainly see it has been a busy one for us. With wrapping up my March blog I can't leave out Mr. Easton...the go with the flow, life is wonderful, happy go luckily little charmer!! He has been Mr. Flexible with everything going on this month. I just adore him more and more with each passing day. He is starting to make LOTS of noises with his mouth and laughs when he is cute. He is trying to sit up without falling over and almost has the hang of it. He will be 6 months on the 7th of April which is hard to believe. I started him on rice cereal and then rice cereal with bananas in March. He only has it about once a day. I'm not really pushing the eating thing because he does sooo well nursing and is content with that. I will probably starting introducing him to more in April. March has been a great month!! Even though it was crazy busy it was a wonderful busy. I will post pictures soon!!